How They're Made

With a desire to create a sex toy that doesn’t contain any icky chemicals that can cause reactions, I turned to my pottery wheel and a big ass pile of clay.

Each ceramic sexy time toy starts as a humble ball of clay, high fire white stoneware to be specific. All the clay is run through a pug mill that de-airs the clay with a vacuum instead of wedging it by hand. This saves my wrists and ensures consistency without air bubbles that could cause problems later on. After de-airing, the clay is cut into consistently sized pieces.

Once the prep work is complete, it’s time to sit down at the pottery wheel and throw some dildos. This is the most fun for me. The clay is centered, opened, pulled up into a cylinder then shaped into the finished dildo you now own. Each one is completely different. Oh sure, they all look penis-esque, but the overall details are individual to each one. Once dry, a hole is cut into the bottom so it doesn’t explode in the kiln from trapped air expanding in the heat, and a damp sponge is used to clean up any rough or potentially sharp spots. The final step is to add the Big Rooster stamp to the base.

After the dildos are completely dry which can take a few days, they are bisque fired in my electric kiln to 1800 degrees. This step takes about 10 hours and another 8-10 to cool. After they are cool, I dip the bottom into a wax resist then into the glaze. It took the better part of 2 years of glaze testing to develop the glazes I wanted, which are high temperature, smooth, non-pourous, and non-leaching. As the glaze dries, we clean any excess glaze off the bottom so the dildos don’t stick to the kiln shelves, arrange them in the kiln and fire them a second time in the electric kiln is to 2230 degrees. This step vitrifies the clay making it durable and matures the glaze to the sexy smooth surface that glides so nicely. The final glaze firing takes 10-14 hours and another 15-20 to cool enough that we can remove them from the kiln. It’s a long process that takes 2 weeks from beginning to end, but it’s worth it to me. I love being able to provide a safe and fun sexy time toy that you can enjoy for years to come.