In the Studio

Big Rooster Pottery Ceramic Dildos and CandlesAre you ready to take control of your pleasure?

After 7 years of design and development, Big Rooster Pottery is finally here. We couldn’t be more excited to share our handmade artisanal dildos and pampering essentials inspired by pleasure.

Did you know that there are zero regulations on sex toys in the United States?

After enduring a surprising allergic reaction to a popular silicone toy because of a chemical additive, I started obsessively researching manufacturing. I discovered there are no regulations on sex toy manufacturing in the United States and even some of the high end toys contain chemicals that are proven to be harmful. In some cases these chemicals have been banned from food prep and children’s toys. I don’t know about you, but I can’t say that I feel comfortable using a toy with chemicals that are banned from ingestion when it’s potentially being inserted into some pretty delicate areas.

After extensive research I decided it was high time someone designed a safe alternative. Being the DIY sort of woman that I am, naturally I set to work developing prototypes using ceramic because I love the versatility of the medium, the way it adapts to body temperature and the sensual texture of the surface.

Feeling safe can lead to more sexy time fun.

Big Rooster Pottery is founded on the idea that sex, alone or with a partner, should be fun and safe. Our dildos are hand crafted using a high fire white stoneware and safe proprietary glazes which I developed over the course of 5 years of glaze testing.

You can play safe knowing your Big Rooster Pottery is:

  • pthalate free
  • non-toxic – no toxic chemicals leaching from your favorite toy to cause skin reactions
  • satin smooth – the surface glides beautifully against your skin
  • easy to clean – soap and water, your favorite cleaner, or you can even clean it in the dishwasher
  • non-pourous – no worries about bacteria settling into the surface
  • lubricant friendly – you can use any lubricant you love
  • wonderful for temperature play – chill your Big Rooster Pottery dildo with cool water for a little added excitement or to cool down on a hot day. Heat it with warm water for a more intimate and natural feel.
  • fun to use – they’re more than just a pretty little sculpture
  • individually handmade on my potter’s wheel so each dildo is an original work of art
  • carefully inspected for any flaws
  • made of high fire white stoneware for durability
  • packaged using all natural materials and recycled paper because why not do what we can to protect the environment while making sure your awesome new pottery makes it safely to your door?
  • will last a lifetime when properly cared for

Sexy is a state of mind.

We all know that foreplay is more than that two minutes of furtive groping in the dark, right? Keep yourself in a sexy state of mind all day long with our curated romance essentials for your body and bedroom.

Are you ready to take control of your pleasure and have some sexy time fun?